“She had a brainy girl’s discomfort about her own beauty and its effects on folks.”― David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest


“She had a brainy girl’s discomfort about her own beauty and its effects on folks.”
― David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

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First Row Orchestra, Edward Hopper

this looks almost exactly like Dodd and now I’m really uncomfortable

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Happy St George’s Day!

Today we are flying the flag of St George over the ambassador’s residence in Washington.

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Thoughts with Boston.

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On 10 and 11 April, Foreign Secretary William Hague, will meet G8 Foreign Ministers from the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada, France, Germany and Italy in London. The Preventing Sexual Violence in conflict Initiative (PSVI) will be one of five key policy priorities to be discussed.

This week, the UK will seek a clear statement of intent and concrete commitments to begin to address the culture of impunity for those who use rape and sexual violence as a weapon of war. This will include support for a new international protocol on the investigation and documentation of sexual violence in conflict and practical assistance in countries affected by this problem.

Our generation has an opportunity to confront the use of rape and sexual violence in war. Now is the time to act to prevent and address sexual violence in order to resolve conflicts and build sustainable peace.

We are tweeting on the issues from @FCOHumanRights - use the hashtags #timetoact and #sexualviolence to add your voice.

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Seven Sisters, England via sinky 911

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Edinburgh, Scotland

That’s my street!!

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London, 1940s, in hi-res color: These photographs were taken using Kodachrome film by Chalmers Butterfield, probably in 1949.

Oh, wow.

Ladies and gentleman, we’ve just gone from Kansas to Oz.

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